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Mateo+Mayu Food+Sake Lab

Join us at EAT 8 food lab in the heart of Higashi Ginza for a unique cultural experience! Indulge in a special event where Spanish delicacies and Japanese sake come together in harmony.

東銀座のEAT 8フードラボで開催される、一風変わった文化体験に参加しませんか?有名スペイン人シェフによるスペイン創作料理と日本酒のペアリングイベントで、贅沢な時間をお楽しみください。

The event will showcase nine carefully crafted dishes by acclaimed chef Mateu Villaret, who owns the renowned Michelin-recognized restaurant Masia in Ginza, Tokyo.


Mayu San, our sake expert and ambassador, dedicated in sake business in Spain for the last 8 years, educating local chefs and sommeliers sharing her knowledge and pasion for sake. Recently published her first book “El mundo del sake”.


EAT 8 food lab, nestled in the heart of Higashi Ginza, is a hidden gem that offers sophisticated and didactic culinary experiences.

東銀座の中心部に位置するEAT 8フードラボは、洗練された料理体験を提供する、まさに隠れ家的な存在です。

Reserve your seat now for an unforgettable evening of gastronomic delight and cultural celebration at EAT 8 food lab in Higashi Ginza, where Spanish and Japanese culinary traditions merge in a sophisticated and immersive experience!

洗練されたスペイン料理と日本料理の伝統が織り交ざる、特別なガストロノミー体験をぜひEAT 8 フードラボでお過ごしください!ご予約お待ちしています。


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